Case study

Factory profile

  • Industry: IT/Electronics

  • Location: Shandong

  • Total workers: 1,100

Here are some more in-depth insights as a result of KNO

Have you ever considered leaving for another factory in the past 6 months?

How would you rate your satisfaction from 1 to 5 with your current salary compared to the previous factories you have worked at?

leaving factory table 1.png

Please rate, from 1 to 5, how safe you find the working environment.

satisfaction level diagram.png

Very satisfied

Quite satisfied


Quite dissatisfied

 Very dissatisfied

satisfaction level table safety 1.png
satisfaction level diagram safety white

Acting on data

KNO collects worker comments

KNO categorises topics and action plan

Positive stories are shared back with workers and brands

Work environment sanitation and quality of canteen meals needs to be improved

Company can organize outing events twice a year

Can pavements and roads be improved with layering of asphalt 

Please install more male toilets as there are more men in the workforce!

worker engagement graph 2.png
issue fixed.png