Founder and CEO Marianne,

working at a factory in China

Our story

Marianne was shopping in London, when she realised that she knew nothing about the people who made the clothes she was buying.


In 2013 a clothes factory famously collapsed in Bangladesh, crushing over 1,000 people to death and costing the world’s biggest brands millions. “I thought to myself, how could this happen, and how can we stop anything like this from happening ever again?”


This kickstarted a journey into the heart of the global supply chain, that has involved accidentally becoming a journalist interviewing some of the biggest names in fashion, and ended up in Marianne working at a factory in China alongside the people making her clothes.


At the factory, Marianne realised workers didn’t trust her to open up, but as she spent time alongside them she earned their trust and became friends. Loneliness is a big issue and managers are under a lot of pressure so workers often leave due to poor communication skills.


She linked up with  leaders in the field for support and from this deep understanding of worker needs, as the team grew KNO’s mission became about building community for workers. This was the key to gathering constant and real data insights for brands.


The vision remains to humanise the global supply chain, so that anyone anytime can know the story of the people making their products.


Including You.


To humanize the supply chain.

We imagine a world where anyone anytime can know the story of the people who made their products, including you.

For those willing to make a difference every day, KNO guarantees a safe-for-all supply chain by connecting each of us with one worker, one factory, one human at a time.


To have real-time connection and relationship with 10,000,000 factory workers globally

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