Humanising the

supply chain

Engaging factory workers, driving improvement

Working with the world's biggest brands

to reach 10 million workers

Worker Engagement


Mobile-enabled engagement for factory workers

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Data Analysis


Real-time data for brands to get increased visibility 

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Manager Dialogue


Equipping factory managers and celebrating progress


Real-time visibility from factory workers

"KNO understands us and cares about every individual"

- Jiang, 23, China


Based on 1 factory

360 workers

4 weeks from launch

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Our Vision

To humanise the supply chain.

For those willing to make a difference every day, KNO guarantees a safe-for-all supply chain by connecting each of us with one worker, one factory, one human at a time.

Our Mission

To have real-time relationship with 10,000,000 factory workers globally

Our Story

Our Founder and CEO Marianne started out as a regular shopper in London, when she realised she knew nothing about the people who made what she was buying. She travelled to China and worked in a factory, to get to the heart of the problem.

Image by Remy Gieling

Our global problems

Workers don't have a voice

If people have an issue, there is no way for workers to voice it, which means issues can't be  heard.

Factories are  under pressure

High labour turnover, workers and brands are demanding improved conditions and quality of life.

Brands are in the dark

Scandals can happen at any time, and the industry is reliant on audit which gives limited information.


How it works

KNO engages factories and workers

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Image by Remy Gieling

Our global solution


Feel connected, have a voice

  • Share issues anonymously and safely

  • Feel less lonely and more connected

  • Improve relationships, 52% of workers in China are choosing a factory based on factors aside from pay


Reduce costs, drive revenues

  • Satisfied workers are 80% less likely to leave and 23% more productive

  • Understand worker needs and where to improve

  • Get trust and long-term orders from brands


Reduce risk, boost profits

  • Reduce risk of factory scandals

  • Improve supply chain performance

  • Hear the voice of workers and boost transparency for consumers




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