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Kno provides one-stop solutions for factories and brands

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Supply chain transparency for everyone

“With the help of Kno, we are able to evaluate andcompare performance between our suppliers, toensure we are competitive.”

— Parth Shah
     Product Leader - Decathlon India

Supply chain transparency for everyone

Kno Global is a real-time transparent data platform. Our approach begins by building community on the ground with factory workers. We leverage mobile technology and data to measure employee engagement, and show actionable insights for factories to improve upon.

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Web app

Kno co-create solutions in reaction to the needs of workers in the individual factory. We leverage mobile technology and data to measure employee engagement.


Data analysis

A real-time transparent data platform for brands, factories. We enable factories to track workers’ happiness and productivity, whilst protecting brands’ reputation.


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Who pays? The factory, the brand or both?

Both the factory and the brand pays. They move have different access controls to the platform to protect sharing of data etc. The platform is totally free for workers to use.

How are workers protected?

All workers are by default anonymous, meaning their name or any ID won’t be shared. This means managers won’t be able to tell who’s shared what on the platform. This increases trust and reliability of the data, and helps workers feel safe sharing honestly. We also have a data protection policy available for workers in their local language which is broken down into a format designed to be easy for them to understand. They can opt out of sharing at any time, and aren’t forced to use the system.

Does Kno help to fix and resolve issues, if discovered?

We don’t directly work on issue remediation but we do have guidance, tips, examples and inspiration from experts on the platform. The goal is to empower managers at the factory to learn how to fix and resolve issues themselves, which is more sustainable for creating change over the long term. However, Kno can also make introductions to experts in the field who are consultants and can provide more guidance in necessary cases.

How can Kno help ensure feedback shared from users is accurate?

Kno supports factory wide adoption of the platform, which means any issues logged on the platform can be tested for accuracy across the whole population of the factory. For example, if a one off but urgent issue is logged, Kno can ask other users if they have witnessed similar issues without revealing the exact issue or feedback. We can also look back at past data collected through questions and comments to try and analyze trends over time.

What if users don’t have a smartphone?

Kno is a web-app meaning it can be used in the case of workers not having a phone. For example, in remote locations within India we have set up desktops, laptops, PCs and tablets. We do require an internet connection, so a suitable location should be arranged for this to take place. Should you need additional support with this, please do let us know and we would be happy to advise based on previous customer experience.

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