Our Story

KNO was started from the ground up by confused shoppers, but the journey hasn’t been a straight path. We had to experience life as a factory worker in China, and give factories the tools to help listen to workers and improve conditions.

Our Mission

To humanize the supply chain, by building community at the heart of every factory. We invent tools that translate employee wellness to tangible business benefits at a factory and brand level.


An app for factory worker wellness, driven by consistent feedback from an engaged community. Data analysis and insights highlight risks and continuous improvement at a factory and brand level. 


The problem

Workers don't have a voice

If people have an issue, there is no way for workers to voice it, which means issues can't be  heard.

Factories are  under pressure

High labour turnover, workers and brands are demanding improved conditions and quality of life.

Brands are in the dark

Scandals can happen at any time, and the industry is reliant on audit which gives limited information.

How it works


  • Wellness tracking

  • Community

  • 24/7 grievance to share issues

  • Weekly survey

  • Games +  rewards 


  • Reduce turnover

  • Reporting on worker wellness

  • Improvement tracking

  • Get sales + show brands  


  • Identify risks early

  • Prevent risks

  • Continuous data

  • Continuous improvement

  • Automatic reporting

  • Supplier capacity building 

Get in the Kno

Trust and Transparency:

Constant data and continuous improvement


"With KNO I can attract skilled workers and global brands to work with my factory"

— Mr Chen, Factory Owner

"Before KNO I felt lonely at work, now I feel safe and have improved relationships with co-workers and managers"

— Liu Hong, Factory Employee

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