Get in the Kno

Humanising the supply chain
Driving Awareness, Creating connection: For brands, Factories and Workers

One-off remote engagement

Baseline survey with 100% of workers - including COVID-19 related questions

Be aware of risks and production capacity, promote safety and efficiency for your supplier
Build community and well-being for workers during COVID-19, reducing the impact stress has on work

Continuous monitoring

Prevent risks and scandals, through increased awareness at a worker level

Measure supplier improvement continuously, and help improve CSR performance

Evolve with customer and market demand for transparency


Real-time insight you can trust,  from workers.

"KNO understands us and cares about every individual"

- Jiang, 23, China

Our Vision

To humanise the supply chain.

For those willing to make a difference every day, KNO guarantees a safe-for-all supply chain by connecting each of us with one worker, one factory, one human at a time.

Our Mission

To have real-time connection and relationship with 10,000,000 factory workers globally

Our Story

Our Founder and CEO Marianne started out as a regular shopper in London, when she realised she knew nothing about the people who made what she was buying. She travelled to China and worked in a factory, built trust with workers and managers, and today our team is focused on helping build trust alongside some of the biggest brands in the world.












Based on 1 factory

with 361 workers

250 interactions per worker
in 2 minutes per day
in just 5 weeks


Our global problem

Workers don't have a voice

If people have an issue, there is no way for workers to voice it, which means issues can't be  heard.

Factories are  under pressure

High labour turnover, workers and brands are demanding improved conditions and quality of life.

Brands are in the dark

Scandals can happen at any time, and the industry is reliant on audit which gives limited information.

How it works



Brand invites Factory



KNO engages factories and workers

Manager and worker on-boarding

Daily community management



KNO provides data analysis and report

Weekly factory report and action plan

Monthly brand report highlighting actions and improvements


Our global solution


feel connected and have a voice

  • Share concerns with KNO like you would with a friend

  • An independent communication channel to help resolve concerns safely

  • Positive work environment, 52% of workers in China are choosing a factory based on factors aside from pay


reduce costs and get sales

  • Satisfied workers are 80% less likely to leave and 23% more productive

  • Understand worker needs and where to improve

  • Get trust and long-term orders by differentiating from competition


prevent risks, reduce costs and evolve with the market

  • Reporting and analysis to help prevent and manage risks

  • Factories improve productivity and quality to reduce return rates

  • Transparency is a competitive edge to increase revenues, market share, customer aquisition and loyalty

Case study

Factory profile

  • Industry: IT/Electronics

  • Location: Shandong

  • Total workers: 1,100

319 Users

4,458 Answers

99.37% Completion


User engagement over the first four weeks after Kno factory launch

Worker readiness to continue using Kno

"With KNO I can attract skilled workers and global brands to work with my factory"

— Mr Chen, Factory Owner

Senior Businessman

"Creating factory communities is a great idea not just in challenging times, but for everyday living and working together. One company that has been helping to support this with their employee support app is KnoGlobal. They help factories create communities and have a solid feedback tool."

— Mr. Bowes, Brand Regional Director

Worker testimonials

"Kno is a very good platform where we feel free to speak up, I love it"

"Kno is our guardian angel"

"Kno is great, it helped solve a lot of our problems, thank you!"





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