User Growth and Community Manager

Do you aspire to help others be the best version of themselves, whilst having a positive impact on the world?


We're looking for people with high growth potential, who are social by nature. You'll be helping to grow our user base of factory workers, whilst encouraging them to build relationships and share.

This is an opportunity to be part of a disruptive start-up company, already working with some of the biggest brands in the world to humanise the supply chain.

About our company:

Kno Global’s vision is to humanise the supply chain.
Our mission is to have relationship with 10m factory workers globally.

Brands want to work with factories they can trust, factories want productive workers and orders, workers want a positive environment. Kno builds engagement with factory workers and reports on their well-being in real-time. This drives continuous improvement to help factories get business with brands and engagement with workers. Clients include Top 10 US retailers which opens us up to 2,000 factories and 1m+ workers.

In a recent factory launch, over 5 weeks with 300 workers KNO had 94% active weekly users and 90,0000 interactions. Including 13,000 comments, 3,300 photos and 222 videos. Within 1 week management had fixed 12 issues - sharing the positive stories with workers and brands.


Our company values are: trust, equality, fun and growth. We expect everyone on our team to live by them.

Your role and responsibilities:

●  Design and build engaging digital user journeys using our mobile platform​

●  Experiment with new ideas and ways to boost weekly user engagement

●  Monitor growth and prepare reports on user engagement weekly, whilst keeping an eye on progress daily

●  Manage community forums, to get an insight into user behaviour, and build upon our methodologies to create worker trust 



You and requirements:

●  Passionate about having a positive social impact

●  Emotionally intelligent and enjoy sparking new conversations with people to discover

more about their needs

●  Must be able to work independently and manage your own time, whilst contributing to

the team spirit

●  Masters level degree or above

●  Native Mandarin Chinese and Fluent English, good written communication skills

●  Any background experience in communications or community management is a plus

●  Familiar with software technology 

●  Ideally able to work from our Hong Kong or Shanghai office spaces, but working

remotely from elsewhere in China is also acceptable


Benefits of the role and how you’ll grow:

●  Work with an internationally diverse start-up team and learn entrepreneurial skills. Be surrounded by ambitious people who are passionate about the same positive cause

●  Mentorship to help you prioritise and work towards your own growth goals at work

●  Workplace environment that takes your well-being seriously, with paid leave 10 days a


●  Work alongside some of the biggest brands in the world, and help influence how they

impact the lives of millions of others in their supply chain

To apply:

If you think you’d be a fit....

  1. Send us a link to your LinkedIn profile and a copy of your CV

  2. Write a covering letter explaining why you think you’d be a good fit. Include a question

    that you’d use as a conversation starter with factory workers, think about something

    you’d like to ask them.

  3. Open for applications immediately and all will be reviewed on a rolling basis


Email: ​