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Sharing about innovative CSR tech with the Chinese French Chamber

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

We were delighted to be invited to speak for the Chinese French Chamber's CSR Working Group, a venue for sharing best practices in corporate social responsibility and discussing the most pressing issues.

On June 9th our Founder and CEO Marianne Hughes took part in a webinar focusing on innovative solutions for CSR engagement.

Marianne spoke about supply chain transparency which has lately become a key priority for major retailers.

The interconnection between employee awareness, engagement and supplier transparency is at the core of solutions provided by Kno Global, for brands aspiring to strengthen their CSR strategy by humanizing the supply chain and ensuring workers' well-being.

Marianne expressed her views on how improving connection and creating community at factories can empower employees, which in turn helps them to be more successful in advocating their rights and communicating with the management. The problem with making this voice heard is that getting the workers to openly express their needs and concerns might be quite challenging, which leads to factories not knowing how they can respond.

In other words, we cannot fix what we do not know. Marianne showed how Kno Global streamlines communication between workers and factory management, enabling the former to be heard and the latter to listen and respond.

Another topic discussed during the webinar was accelerating inclusive employment, with Xiaolin Tao, a Senior Manager at Global Development Incubator, as a guest speaker.

The event was coordinated by Anne Bruant-Bisson, Health, Social Affairs and Labour Counselor at the French Embassy in Beijing and Alex Wang, VP of Orange Group Sourcing & Supply Chain. Thank you for inviting us!

To watch the webinar in full visit:

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