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Founder and CEO gets shortlisted for 'Entrepreneur of the Year' by One Young World

Our Founder and CEO, Marianne Hughes, has been shortlisted for the One Young World Entrepreneur of the Year 2019!

Marianne Caroline Hughes has been nominated for the annual Entrepreneur of the Year Award created by One Young World, a UK-based non-profit that brings together talented young people from across the globe to find solutions for the most pressing issues. Convenors of the award include Emma Watson, Naomi Campbell and Meghan Markle. Others shortlisted for the award include the Founders of Duolingo and Bumble.

Marianne said "It’s a defining moment for me to be shortlisted by and alongside such names. Thank you!"

The Award was created to support the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs aged 35 and below who are changing the world for the better and inspiring others with their outstanding leadership. 

The main criterion used for selecting nominees was the impact they are having in their respective fields, be it working on building a peaceful future, alleviating poverty, or protecting the planet.

Leading academic and business experts formed the judging committee that among others included David Jones, Co-Founder of One Young World, Marisa Drew, CEO of the Impact Advisory and Finance Department of Credit Suisse and Luis Javier Castro, Founding Partner at Mesoamerica Investments.

The shortlist includes 20 of the world's most revolutionary entrepreneurs equipped with ground-breaking technology and ready to use their skills to tackle the world's major challenges.

With her data platform for brands, factories and workers, Marianne aims to improve sustainability, measure worker happiness and drive engagement by means of hardware and software. In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the project serves to ensure decent work and economic growth along with alleviating forced labour and poverty through improving working conditions while providing brands with the real-time information about their supply chain.

The nomination for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award signifies Marianne's outstanding contribution to fostering social responsibility of businesses at large and ensuring fair labour standards.

Announcing the news, Marianne shared...

"It’s motivating to be surrounded by people who have massive goals about social impact. The path along entrepreneurship can be tough, and especially by going into social entrepreneurship. It hasn’t been easy for me, and I want to speak out more about how the drive of addressing social challenges has kept me going. The scale of social and environmental change our world needs has of course been scary to face, but entrepreneurship makes solutions possible...

The award ceremony has hosted incredible speakers like Yeonmi Park and Bob Geldof. I remember when I read Yeonmi’s book last year and then watched her video, I was powerfully inspired by her fight for freedom. Her words and graceful nature speaks volumes about how we should fight our battles, I encourage anyone to watch/ read."

For more information on One Young World Entrepreneur of the Year Award visit:

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