Helping Brands across Industries Achieve Their Goals 

We help brands reach the next level with their Corporate Social Responsibility goals. We track ESG data and show how it impacts your business, giving you a solid argument to help your company buy in to social impact in the long term. 

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Risk Management

We help brands take a proactive approach to managing risk across their supply chain. 

With KNO, gone are the days when brands have to react out of urgency at short notice to scandals in the supply chain, at a high cost.

Take control of your supply chain, before it takes control of you.

Improvement Tracking

You can track improvements at a factory level and across your supply chain.

Rather than displaying challenges by themselves, KNO focuses on improvement and tracking the actions factories are taking. 

This is more incentivising for both suppliers and brands, who are now not only aware of the risks but improvement opportunities at the same time.

Worker and Manager Engagement

KNO Global provides a 2-way communication platform for both workers and managers. 

This means all voices are heard, and suggestions can be shared for faster resolutions. 

Enhancing the quality of relationships between workers and managers is one of our core goals, and we believe they can come up with solutions by working together. 

Improve supply chain performance

Brands use KNO Global to improve their overall supply chain performance and efficiency.

You can now monitor supplier performance alongside your other metrics, to evaluate which supply chain partners you should be highlighting and investing in long term. 

This gives the factories that can show improvements a chance to shine!

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