Managing the needs of your Employees and Buyers Can Be Hard. We Make It Easier.

KNO Global is an employee engagement platform for managers and workers, that encourages 2-way communication to reduce risk and the costs of labour turnover, as well as keeping your customers happy.

Risk Management

Reduce the risk of small complaints turning into large events, through early warnings and risk monitoring. 

Understand workers real thoughts

It's hard to get honest feedback from your employees. Find out what you don't know, and the real reasons why workers may be leaving your factory - within 1 month from launch!

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Community Engagement 


Your KNO dedicated community manager will be on hand to support you and your team through the transition and adoption of new technology. We will also manage promotional efforts in order to help get adoption and high levels of engagement.

Reports & Analytics 

KNO Global empowers you with powerful data at your fingertips, to put metrics behind human sustainability, which is traditionally hard to measure. You can see the returns on your investment through cost savings on labour turnover and productivity, as well as attract new buyers and keep customers happy.

We understand your challenges

Labour Costs

Costs of hiring are increasing every year across industries. It is a competitive advantage to invest in your labour force so they can be as productive as possible. 

Employee needs

Employees are demanding higher standards of living and social activities on the factory site. Otherwise you risk losing them to competitors, especially the highly skilled labourers. 

Buyer demands

Increasing pressure on factories for increased compliance leads to multiple audits. We can help reduce the number of CSR activities brands may require, by taking a proactive approach.

Ready to Make Your Business
even more profitable?

KNO helps suppliers enhance long term
relationships with brands

"Before Kno, workers used to hesitate to share their problems. Now they communicate freely. Kno also allows us to show our buyers/brands that our employees are happy and satisfied"

Chandan Kumar Nayak, HR Manager


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