Our mission is to achieve supply chain transparency for all and drive profits, together

Workers want a voice

Factories want to reduce costs

Brands want to enhance reputation

Kno Global is a community driven platform that boosts employee engagement and monitor improvements in real time. Our team is diverse and multicultural, with an empathetic understanding of the needs of our diverse users and customers. Our team is support by advisors and investors who have 50+ combined years of experience in manufacturing and technology.

Our story

KNO was started when Marianne was a regular consumer in the UK and a factory famously collapsed, causing her to question who made her clothes. She travelled to China to work in a garment factory, and partnered with experts and a team to build KNO from the ground up.

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Rana Plaza factory collapsed in Bangladesh


Founder and CEO Marianne starts research in field


Kno Global launches with workers in China


Secure major brand clients and 75% user engagement

Media and Awards

Transforming Supply Chain, Together


Together we build  transparent and fair supply chain

ESG Requirements

We track ESG data and its impact on business, helping our clients buy in to social impact in the long term.

Data Driven

We help brands take a proactive approach to manage risk across their supply chain.

Transparency, Communication and Shared Success

Experience true business performance increase

Satisfied users

Employee satisfaction

Labour turnover

Saved for a factory in China


Headquartered in Hong Kong, Kno Global is located in 4 countries

Hong Kong




Our clients

Our partners

Our investors

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