Managing the needs of your employees and buyers can be hard, we make it easier.

An employee engagement platform and transparent supply chain to reduce labour turnover and drive profit

For factory workers

Have a voice

Work/ Life balance

Increase job opportunities and learn new skills

For factory owners

Retain employees and reduce cost of turnover

Attract new employees

Attract new customers

Our clients are satisfied with Kno

“The KNO app is very practical and user friendly. It really helps with a lot of sensitive and difficult communication challenges.”

— Shikun Liang
    COO - ZOOM

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We understand your challenges

Labour costs

Costs of hiring are increasing across industries

Competitive advantage to invest in your labour

Labour can be as productive as possible

Employee needs

Employees are demanding higher standards of living and social activities

Avoid the risk of losing labour to competitors, especially the highly skilled labours

Buyer demands

Increasing pressure for more compliance and multiple audits

Reduce the number of CSR activities brands may require

Take a proactive approach

How does KNO compare


Historic Information Capture

One-off audits are unreliable


Surveys/ Workers Voice

Low Engagement


Real-Time Dialogue

Engaging 2-way communication

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Web app

Kno co-create solutions in reaction to the needs of workers in the individual factory. We leverage mobile technology and data to measure employee engagement.

Data analysis

A real-time transparent data platform for brands, factories. We enable factories to track workers’ happiness and productivity, whilst protecting brands’ reputation.

Customer testimonials

HR Manager
Decathlon India

“Since using Kno we have seen an increase in the number of workers coming with feedbacks up 25%, which helps us to improve processes and reduce turnover.”

Chandan Kumar Nayak
HR Manager
Omax Cotspin

"Before Kno, workers used to hesitate to share their problems. Now they communicate freely. Kno also allows us to show our buyers/brands that our employees are happy and satisfied."

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