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75% Weekly User Engagement

“Before Kno, workers used to hesitate to share their problems. Now they communicate freely. Kno also allows us to show our buyers/brands that our employees are happy andsatisfied” - Chandan Kumar Nayak, HR Manager

Set-up onsite room location for the 90% of workers without a smartphone to access in India

Built community through engaging worker heroes and factory HR management

Factory has renewed beyond the initial 6 month trial

Management have identified new reasons behind possible labourturnover

$500K Increase In Orders Solicited From Brands

“The Kno app is very practical and user friendly. It really helps with overcoming a lot of sensitive and difficult community challenges. I think the biggest advantage of KNO is the way it encourages us to engage more with each other.” - Shikun LIANG, COO

Complete baseline assessment and share certificate

Promote factory to brands in KNO network

Introductions made to new large clients for potential orders

85% Workers Who Agreed KNO Helped Them Learn New Skills to Access Better Jobs

"I know more people and get more experiences. I hope KNO will grow bigger to bring the program to many more people”

Over 100% registration rate with workers recommending the platform to their colleagues

High engagement with female workers in particular

Provide training and education to workers to help access better job opportunities

Reward and recognise workers who took part

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Reduced Labour Turnover by 5%

“Kno helped us grow and learn a lot, and get along with each other better” - Jiang Wei, worker

Saving $60,000+ through reducing labour turnover

Attractive location for new workers Retain high skilled workers

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