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“With the help of Kno, we are able to evaluate andcompare performance between our suppliers, toensure we are competitive.”

— Parth Shah
    Product Leader - Decathlon India

Supply Chain transparency drives profit

6/10 people

buy from companies that are honest about the origin of their products and supply chain


buy from companies that show concern for employee wellbeing

Cut costs by securing long term suppliers

Risk management and compliance

Enhance brand reputation

ESG data collection

Risk management

Proactive approach to managing risk across their supply chain

Take control of your supply chain, before it takes control of you.

Avoid scandals in the supply chain,  which is at a high cost, through two-way communication


Data analysis algorithm capable of supporting endless factories

Data pattern recognition prevents issues at other factories

Real-time tracking at a factory level and across your supply chain

Worker and manager engagement

Provides a 2-way communication platform for both workers and managers.

Suggestions and opinions can be shared for faster resolutions

Enhancing the quality of relationships between workers and managers

Improve supply chain performance

Monitor supplier performance alongside your other metric

Helps to evaluate which supply chain partners you should be highlighting and investing in long term

Supported by our experienced advisors and investors in the industry

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Web app

Kno co-create solutions in reaction to the needs of workers in the individual factory. We leverage mobile technology and data to measure employee engagement.

Data analysis

A real-time transparent data platform for brands, factories. We enable factories to track workers’ happiness and productivity, whilst protecting brands’ reputation.

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