Voices of Factory Owners: How do factories of the future look?

July 8, 2022


It was an honor for us to get time to sit down with Paul Chan, owner of Hanin Enterprises who operate manufacturing sites in China. He is also named their Chief Amazement Officer, which is certainly hard to deny when he gave us so many amazing insights into factories of the future from his perspective.

Paul is a pioneer in many arenas who has been innovating with new technologies across the supply chain for years. He is also Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Apparel Society (HKAS) which means he spends time supporting and advising the industry on moving innovations forward.

As a partner and user of KNO in his factories, we wanted to dig more into what made him decide to prioritse using technology as an innovation driving change amongst his workforce.

Paul, what do you think a factory of the future looks like, and why do you care so much about communicating with your workforce?

We decided to focus on reinventing the wheel because of the future we saw coming for the industry. Production lines are getting smaller in China, whilst allows us to be more adaptive. I know that if I am not listening to the thoughts of my workers whilst we go through this change, they will not be happy and productive. Since happiness produces better and higher quality products, I am constantly looking out for ways to hear them better, especially our social distance has been blocked by COVID-19.

In the past we had In the past we had limited communication, but the industry has become more connective and collaborative with the support of technology and different stakeholders. The changes motivate me to take a step forward.

See a quick snippet of Paul explaining more about what he sees for the future of factories and the key to all the collaboration…


“People should be proud of what they make” says Paul, who is used to feeling a sense of belonging when seeing the products on the street that he and his company are responsible for making.

Feeling pride about our work, whatever it is that workers do indeed is important for all of us, as anyone can relate.

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