Winners of SheLovesTech HK!

SheLovesTech is the largest competition in the world for women-led businesses! We are delighted to share that we have won the Hong Kong finals, and are through to compete in the global finals.

Our Founder and CEO Marianne, says about her experience as a female founder in technology:

"When I started out as an entrepreneur I didn't allow the barriers that would come with my gender stop me from moving forward" - Marianne Hughes, Founder and CEO Kno Global

Marianne was up against 8 other female founders in technology for the Hong Kong round, after 100s of applicants were shortlisted.

SheLovesTech attracts applicants from 40 countries every year, with the goal being to help more women raise funding as a result.

Thank you to the SheLovesTech team and judges for your valuable feedback, and we look forward to seeing you at the next stage!

We hope KNO Global can help to inspire many more women (including across the supply chain!) to start their own businesses.

Find out more about SheLovesTech here:

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